The Genomics Student Lab is different from other places where you can do your traineeship where there are often only predefined projects available.

At this lab we challenge you to either:
- Define your concrete project from high-level ideas from a life sciences company
- Work togerther with another student on a project
- Choose a pre-defined project
- Join a running student project

Possible projects

  • Determine antimicrobial component of cow milk (partner: Wageningen Bioveterinary Research)
  • Setting-up several diagnostic tests for exotic-animals, such as; virus in elephants, pseudotuberculosis in Toucan, lymphomas in Capybara, etc. (partners: Artis & Blijdorp)
  • Virus detection via smallRNAs in plants/crops (partners: various plant breeding companies & Nak-tuinbouw)
  • Studying tuberculosis in elephants & cows (partners: Artis, Blijdorp, & Wageningen Bioveterinary Research)
  • Several genomics project regarding crops (partners: various plant breeding companies)
  • Detection of muskrat and beverrat with environmental DNA (eDNA) (partners: diverse Waterschappen)
  • Determine the ribozyme function of specific RNAs (partners: RB&AB)

Past projects

  • Mining DNA sequences from extreme environment soil samples for industrial enzymes (with Dupont Industrial Biosciences)
  • Finding blood RNA biomarkers for early detection of breast tumors (with RIVM)
  • Aging biomarkers from blood samples (with RIVM)
  • Transgenerational effect of stress in Caenorhabditis elegans
  • rRNA RT-PCR for sensitive quantification of the amount of cell material in a forensic sample (with NFI)
  • identifying differences of smallRNAs in formula and breast milk
  • Detecting elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus (EEHV) reservoir and response (with Rotterdam Blijdorp zoo)
  • Cell-free RNA in breast milk as a transducer of stress in mice